Hashtag Am Editing: #AmProcrastinating #SocialMedia #2014

One of the best things about social media is that you get to see what other people are doing when they should be doing something else. Like watching my corporate colleagues posting cute selfies on Facebook when they’ve slipped away from their desks and knowing that the picture was blatantly taken in the toilets or viewing endless streams of other friends who are claiming to be doing chores but are clearly bolting back to the PC to check other people’s tweets between loading the dishwasher and getting the kids off to school. We are, inherently, existing in a culture of multi-task-mania. At least I know I am not alone.

For people who write, the hashtags #amwriting or #amediting generally indicate what they should be doing. Or say they are doing. But, by virtue of the fact that they are on social media, writing / editing is probably one of many things they are doing. Sometimes, for the whole day. Some writers are more productive on social media than they are on their books. Hundreds of tweets a day #am editing. #areyoureally? Some great, inspiring, exciting tweets and I suppose tweets #arewriting but not what we are supposed to or claiming to be. Guilty as charged. It’s a procrastination in punctuation shaped clothing.

So, with that out of the way, I really am editing. Without the hashtag, I really am. The final edits on the first of the three novels are well underway and by the second week in January, with a good wind and no social media behind me I will have all the feedback from my editor & publisher incorporated into the structural edit and a good third of the second book underway. The power of having an external reader’s feedback is amazing – it’s given me the opportunity to explore some areas of the trilogy earlier on and create full story arcs that span all three books. Although I have had some fairly confused periods during December, the dark fog is clearing. #amprogressing #honest

But the temptation to get sidetracked is powerful. Having spent eighteen months getting really invested in the short story market and with three new pieces being published in early 2014 (Looking for Amber in Writers’ Forum mid-January, The Spit & Swear Promise in The Rubery Short Story Anthology, February and Scotch & Sundays in Prole Magazine, April), it’s so tempting to do what I have become to know. I’m also toying with releasing a short story collection in 2014, including some new unreleased stuff. But it’s so different to the trilogy, I don’t want to confuse myself. And that’s easily done.

Plus, there’s the blog. When I set up this page a year ago, I had intended to update it much more often than I do but I had absolutely no idea that 2013 would turn out to be the year that it did! There was an aspiration to keep tinkering away at short stories and to maybe get something published – but I had no idea that a commitment to writing stuff that somehow reflected my thoughts and feelings would end up in an amazing publishing deal and some pretty incredible and totally unbelievable competition success.

But I digress. I have a week’s worth of edits left to complete and, yet again, I am on social media.

I am supposed to be editing, for frack’s sake. Have a happy, productive and creative 2014. Signing off.

#amdigressing #amnotediting #amgoingonfacebook #amtweeting #amhappy 🙂

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4 Responses to Hashtag Am Editing: #AmProcrastinating #SocialMedia #2014

  1. James Dummer says:

    Well I’ve been stalking this blog for a while now and fascinated at what my old friend is getting up to. There’s a kind of fatherly pride in seeing the lengthening list of awards for short stories, but not as intriguing as the stories themselves.
    Running into an old friend back in the home town today I heard of the eagerly anticipated trilogy. I for one cannot wait to have a signed copy in my hands.

  2. That opening line had me nodding furiously. Why even now, as I write this, I should be finishing my current short story….

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    it. So that’s why this article is perfect. Thanks!

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