The Road Taken…

The editing journey is almost at an end. That long, long road of review.

Today I submitted the final copy edits after a final re-read. There were so many things to consider and reconsider – what would I change if I were starting again. Mostly, not a lot. The story is makes it what it is – kind of like life. One fundamental change can alter the course of the whole journey completely. Sometimes for the better, but not always. It is, where it is.

There’s always things to tidy up – loose ends and ugly phrases, things that should have been done differently or better – but as it stands, it tells a story of where things are right now.

Which leads me to the next chapter. Something different, something new. Book two, currently in first draft will have a vibe of something else – because, through the process of Paradigm, I have had so many different thought about how the world could be in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian way. For sure, I think there will need to be coffee in book 2.

The whole review process has had me think about what’s important – to the storyline, the characters and the philosophy. I’ve thought about the readers, the reviewers, the publishers and the people who inspired this but in the end, sometimes it doesn’t matter what’s important to others – in a book or otherwise.

It’s the road you end up taking, for whatever reason, not the road that you don’t.

PARADIGM will be released by Bookouture on 13 June 2014 and will be available via Amazon.

Also, there’s a crazy new website at:



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