Publications and Awards

Clicking on the links below will take you to previously published work that you can read for free!

Counting by Numbers (Short Story, Winner of the 2012 Global Short Stories Award)
The Ballard of Family Glue (Henshaw Prize, 2nd Prize Winner)
A Handful of Photographs (Five Stop Story Competition, Highly Commended)
The Incident on the Number 36 (Exeter Short Story Award, 3rd Prize Winner)
Animals That Live Amongst Us (Flash 500, 1st Prize Winner)
The Man Who Walked Through Windows (Story Star Publishing, 2012 Prize)

Shortlists & Awards
Jan-13 The Last Day in the Basement Cazart Runner Up
Jan-13 Breathe In, Breathe Out Writers’ Forum Short Listed
Feb-13 Under Observation Flash 500 Short Listed
Feb-13 The First Time I saw Him Flash 500 Highly Commended
Feb-13 500 Words For Snow Writers’ Forum Second Place Winner
Mar-13 Counting By Numbers Global Short Stories 2012 Annual Winner
Mar-13 The Baby Who Came to Stay Writers’ Forum Winner
Mar-13 Freedom, North Carolina Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2013 Shortlisted
Apr-13 The Boy from Hollybush Cottage Global Short Stories Shortlisted
Apr-13 The Man on the Night Train From Krakow Writers’ Forum 3rd Place Winner
May-13 A Momentary Lapse Flash 500 Longlisted
May-13 Swamp Monster Yellow Room Longlisted
May-13 The Passing of Mr Porter 5-Stop Story Comp Longlisted
May-13 A Handful of Photographs 5-Stop Story Comp Honourable Mention
May-13 The Idea of Zombies Word Hut Longlisted
May-13 The Incident on the Number 36 Exeter Writers Short Story Competition 3rd Place Winner
Jun-13 Swamp Monster Global Short Stories Shortlisted
Jun-13 After the Fire Bristol Short Story Prize Longlisted, HISSAC Longlisted
Jul-13 The Passing of Mr Porter Writers’ Forum Shortlisted
Sep-13 The Ballad of the Family Glue Henshaw Prize 2nd Place Winner
Sep-13 The Symmetry of Cranes, Writers’ Forum Shortlisted
Oct-13 Swamp Monster, Word Hut 2nd Place Winner
Nov-13 Looking for Amber, Writers’ Forum 2nd Place Winner

Apr-12 The Boy with the Sandy Blonde Hair Cazart Flash Fiction April Runner up
May-12 It’s Not Every Day Cazart Flash Fiction May Winner
Jun-12 On the Cards Cazart Short Story June Runner up
Jul-12 The Idea of Zombies Multi Story Summer competition Long Listed
Jul-12 One Day He’ll Notice Me Cazart Flash Fiction July Winner
Aug-12 ItYouIt Lightship Publishing Long Listed
Sep-12 The Family Glue Ilkley Literature Festival Short Listed
Oct-12 Scotch & Sundays Writer’s Forum Commended
Nov-12 The Man who Walked through Windows Story Star Publishing Winner
Nov-12 Counting by Numbers Global Short Stories Winner
Nov-12 He Brought me Orchids Flash 500 Short Listed
Nov-12 Personal Development Multi Story Autumn competition Honourable mention
Nov-12 The First Time I Saw Him Multi Story Autumn competition Honourable mention
Nov-12 Last Chance The Yellow Room Short Listed
Dec-12 Some facts about your father Writers’ Forum Commended
Dec-12 Scotch & Sundays Rubery Short Story award Long Listed


2 Responses to Publications and Awards

  1. Nicola says:

    I’ve noticed your name in almost every Writer’s Forum issue this year so finally decided to look you up. Even just the amount of stories you had to have written to be shortlisted that many times (and published, but I am not sure I have seen those issues) made me think how much more I need to be writing shorts and making the effort to send them out! Now I see the sheer volume of stuff you’ve written and had success with, there’s no excuse! Actually I’ve started being a lot more proactive with this and had a couple of things accepted but next year I intend to follow your lead properly!

    • Thanks so much for your post, Nicola. This year (especially the first half) has been really productive but it sometimes takes a lot of mediocrity to get the gems through. One of my favourite stories that took a lot of revision is due to be in the next Writers’ Forum but then, I think, that will be it for me as I focus on getting the second novel written. But definitely, get your freak on for 2014 and be your own cheerleader. Without remembering each individual success and each submission I’d have given up for sure. Good luck and I look forward to reading some of your successes! 🙂

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