Flash Fiction

For the purposes of this site, anything under 1000 words constitutes flash fiction and anything above is a short story.

I’ve had varying degress of success with flash fiction since I won my first competition with Cazart Flash Fiction for It’s Not Every Day in May 2012 which was pretty thrilling. I followed that up in July with One Day He’ll Notice Me before I started looking around at other competitions and upping my game.

The most exciting point came in November 2012 when I won the Story Star Publishing competition for the flash piece The Man Who Walked Through Windows. I was also interviewed by the publishing house. You can read the interview here and on the

As many writers will know, if you want to try and sell / enter a piece of work in a competition so anything that’s still in development or under review can’t be published online, so there’s likely to be some delay before work is posted here. However, anything that has already been published or has been retired you can read by clicking on the links.

Some other pieces that got long / short listed or runner up prizes include:

The Boy With the Sandy Blonde Hair (Cazart Flash Fiction, Runner Up)
A Momentary Lapse (Flash 500, Long listed)
He Brought Me Orchids (Flash 500, Short listed)
Personal Development (Multi-Story, Honourable Mention)
The First Time I Saw Him (Multi-Story, Honourable Mention)
Last Chance (Yellow Room, Longlisted)
Ityouit (Lighthouse Publishing, Longlisted)
Swamp Monster (Word Hut, 2nd Prize)
Animals That Live Amongst Us (Flash 500, 1st Prize)


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